Last weekend, I tried to fix a TP-Link router with DD-WRT firmware.

My old friend flashed it with beta version firmware, and its web interface got broken, so there’s no way to upload the new firmware via web interface. Then I tried telnet into it, and it works! But the ssh service cannot be started with command line (a least I didn’t find a way), so the scp command would not function either.

I found the post Using Netcat for File Transfers. With the help of netcat, you can start a file listening server on the router(receiver), then upload the firmware binary from the client side(sender).

Run the first command in DD-WRT console:

nc -l -p 1234 > dd-wrt.bin

Then run the command for sending file

nc -w 3 1234 < dd-wrt.bin

Where -w argument for transfer timeout. The default IP address of DD-WRT router is

Finally follow the installation guide of DD-WRT, flash the firmware with the commands:

write dd-wrt.bin linux

My router is back now :p.